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26th December 2007

Another super shiny walk in Šilherovice. Enny again drived Garp crazy and you can see on the picture what he thougt about it :o)
Other photos are here!!!

Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge - with Enny on image to enlarge...

8th December 2007

This is the happy dog (see foto :o)) And if you want to know Garp's character, look into his eyes :o)

Then we added new pics of Garp here!!!
And look also at the pics of Enny and small Kerry here!!!

Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge - running
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18th November 2007

We sent to hell the Saturday's show in Prague, because I had made a decision that we didn't risk our lifes on routes in Czech rep. because of such nonsense. Instead of that we went for walk and saved energy for the Sunday's shiny coursing training in Rudná pod Pradědem. Garp enjoyed it very much and inasmuch as it was his first real debut, I have to say he was great. He ran like a pro and definitely fell in love with tassel :o) And I am happy too :o)
You can see few pics here!!!

Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge - coursing
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10th November 2007

We have new ruddy friend Kerry :o) She is really very nice and vital girl and we wish her health, days full of fun and many good experiences. And we also hope, we will often meet her with Garp.
Kerry comes from breeding station Harmakhis Wisdom. We had really great time there and we want to thank once more to Sara Venturelli, who made a feeling in us like we were at home. We are very glad that we could meet her.
Pics of small Kerry and the trip to Sara and back are here!!!

Harmakhis Wisdom Kerry
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3rd November 2007

Garp - VN3 Nitra CACIB NitraGarp - VN3 Nitra
puppy class: VERY PROMISING 3rd!!!

The last show in the puppy class was very successful again and Garp was marked by Very promising (again :o)) and placed 3rd!!! He is great dog, because whole extended weekend was very hard and tiring for him, he didn't feel good morning before show and even if I did some mistakes he had done very well in the ring.
Look at the pics here!!!

Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge - CACIB Nitra VN 3
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1st November 2007

We are going to Slovakia to our two-legged family on Friday and next day we'll take part in dog show in Nitra. We want to enjoy it all.
We are looking forward very much to next week. We don't tell you why now. Follow this web and you will know it :o)

20st October 2007

Garp met for the first time with the snow this weekend. He enjoyed it with Enny on the walk in Hukvaldy. Look at photos here!!!

19th October 2007

What also brings life with RR :o)
You can see on pics what can do hyperactive teenage Ridgeback who is bored. It doesn't happend because of few excersise, toys or wrong upbringing...

Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge_hraní     Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge_válení     Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge_válení
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13th October 2007

Garp is growing and becoming a true teenager :o) Look at photos from last week here!!!
We also updated "Show" section in the photogallery. There are new pics from Club show CKRR (thanks to Jana Crhová) and KCHRR there. Look here!!!

29th September 2007

puppy class: VERY PROMISING 1st!!!

This Club show of KCHRR was our 4th show ever, 4th in puppy class and again with the result VERY PROMISING :-) Except that we are glad to have written an excellent move in Garp's judgement, but otherwise this show was bizzare...

Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge - KV KCHRR 2007
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16th September 2007

Garp - VN MB KV a SV ČKRR (CZE)Garp - VN MB
puppy class: 2x VERY PROMISING 4th!!!

We spent this weekend in Resort Orlík in Vystrkov where we took part in Club show and Special show organized by Czech club of Rhodesian ridgebacks. Garp was very successful and in both days was placed with very promising 4th. I am proud of him, because he was great and won his firts cups :o)

Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge - KV a SV ČKRR 2007
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10th September 2007

baby class male: 2nd place!!!

On Sunday was Garp very successful in his first official running race when he placed 2nd!!! We are proud of him, 'cause he was defeated only by 3,5 month older dog. Photos here!!!

Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge - saranga sprint 2007
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photo by Jana Helešicová

8th September 2007

Finally stoped rain so we made a trip to Landek with our friends Gregory, Enie and Argo. It was super and our dogs enjoyed most running in the mud along the river :o) Photos here!!!

1st September 2007

Garp - VN MB CACIB Mladá Boleslav (CZE)Garp - VN MB
puppy class: VERY PROMISING!!!

On Saturday Garp took part in his first dog show and with the result very promising was very successful :o) I am proud of him!!!
We met also our brother Gyom with his mistress there, who came root for Garp. Thanks to all!!!
Photos here!!!


26th August 2007

We spent this weekend with our grey friend Thorp and his mistress. On Saturday we made a trip from Ostravice to the top of Lysá hora, the highest mountain of Beskydy Mountains. It was very hot weather so we were happy when we ascended top :o)
Look at photos here!!!

13th August 2007

Garp - birthday Garp celebrates 6 months!!! Garp - birthday

10th August 2007

Garp has got new fashion collar (look down for photo :o)) This super stuff with his name was made by Mrs. Tana Sladeckova from BS Slade Czech.   She was very kind and we had a great time there. We could also nurse six puppies of staffies there :o)))
Thanks a lot for everything :o)

Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge_hraní
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31st July 2007

We have lot of news and especially lot of photos of nice trips, walks and visits :o)))

First of all we were in the ZOO (second attempt) at the Holly Hill near Olomouc. It was very fine and we had a lot of fun. I wish we made trips like this one. Photos here!!!

Then we have new photos of Garp who has been growing and becoming more handsome dog. It´s uncredible, that he is celebrating 6 months within 14 days :o) You can find photos here!!!

Next we visited our grey dog friend Thorp. He´s his a faithful friend and we´re looking forward to superb trip to Ostravice in August. Photos here!!!

Finally, here are new photos with Enie, who drives him crazy, but he will strike it back soon :o) Photos here!!!

25th July 2007

We weren´t able to go for a trip to the ZOO becase of hot weather. We´re dissapointed. We looked forward to it very much.
Nevertheless Garp runs with dogs in a park every day :o) He missed it a lot. He must get stronger, because he was 2 weeks at home and dawdled in bed :o)))
I´m sure, new photos of ginger will be here after repairing my computer next week...

20th July 2007

We had to stay at home for 2 weeks. It was caused by Garp´s hyperactivity, pleasure at summer camp and then because he´s omnivorous and had a big bad luck too. But he´s playing with his two legged friends today and we´re going for a trip to ZOO on Sunday with our friends :o))

8th July 2007

We prepared costume for masquerade to Svojanov, but we weren´t allowed to perform it, because Garp was sick and we had to go home. So we also missed the dog show. We´re still sad, because my mum made the costume which wasn´t an easy work. At least you can look at photos. For zoom press up the picture.

Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge_hraní Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge_válení Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge_válení Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge_válení Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge_válení Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge_válení

8th July 2007

The photogallery is completed – there are many new photos from the Summer camp. We had a good time there :o) Photos here!!!

1st July 2007

Today we´re going to a Summer camp, arranged by RR SPORT to Svojanov for a week!!! We´re looking forward to everything and we hope we´ll have a good time :o) We´ll take many photos and videos, so you´ll be albe to expect many many photos next week :o)

23rd June 2007

We set off for a trip to Brno to visit The Internationl exhibition of dogs, because we wanted to catch the basis. Garp got used to the place and we met a lot of people – both known and unknown. Our native breeding station Helya Ridge had a big success and even others friends were prosperous. We congratulate to everybody!!

20th June 2007

Garp swam today for the first time. We had to push him a bit so that he could find it easy and who did it? Look at enclosed photos! He´s able to recognise a pretty woman!!
Fotky: 1 2 3 4

17th June 2007

We were near Otrokovice with Garp today. Barča who has Alex and Pepee invited us for a trip. There were a lot of people and dogs. Garp froliced with his sister Taylor who is the same devil as him. After walking in the forest and meadows we ate super steaks in Chro Chro restaurant where pertinently hungry Garp fell asleep and he sweety slept near Taylor .o) Look for photos here!

The photogallery is also supplemented – there are photos of new friends – Akawanga girls. I thank Petra for photos. Look at it here!

Garp meets water and makes a discovery: water doesn´t bite! :o) Look at it here!

10th June 2007

We are growing and getting stronger! His friend Thorp found it out last time when we visited him. You can find photos here!

3rd June 2007

We updated the photogallery. Look at new photos at the age of 3 months Garp and his friends here!!!

29th May 2007

Another gorgeous sunny walk and an amazing friend :o) By the way, which of them isn´t?
Photos are really good: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

28th May 2007

Garp has grown up. His weight is 16,3kg now :o)
Look at these photos! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

26th May 2007

We finaly froliced with ridgebacks today!! Even with two at the time – with Ascot and Papírek :o)  Photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

12th May 2007

We visited our grey friend Thorp and dogs played together – it was imposible to calm them down .o) Look at photogallery!!!

11th May 2007

There are new photos from yesterday´s walk in a photogallery. Garp has already found a new friend there! Have a look!!!

15th April 2007

It´s superb here!!! Only playing, running, jumping, chaughing potatoes and sleeping. And the weather is wonderful too. It´s the same as home.

Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge_hraní          Garp - Art Leonardo Helya Ridge_válení

13th April 2007

I left Křídluvky with my new master today. I´ll miss my family, especially my mum. Achich ach :( But my bowl is full here too. And a lot of toys only for me :o)