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30th December 2009: X-mas trips

trip to Lyra
click on pic = enalrge

First trip was on Sunday with our friends and we went to Lyra in Jeseníky mountains. There were sooo many ridgebacks, one boerboel and yorksire terrier :o) We had really great time.

účastníci zájezdu na Lyru
click on pic = enalrge

Next trip was yesterday with our close RR friends. We went again to Jeseníky where Hanka and Aerin has been spending holidays in Bedrichov. Very nice and calm place there with beautiful nature. Hanka prepared super lunch and we are looking forward to another visit ;)

Pics made by Monika HIER!!!

bbc radio 1  Absolutely love this!!!

  Starts 3 weeks of holidays with Garp!

  Hope they'll be cool like this radio show ;)

19th December 2009: Pre-Xmas walk

Garp, Sheeva, Aerin, Greg

After lunch we went for walk with our friends. Because of freezy temperatures we finished it in the pub. Dogs received lot of presents including practical scarves from Hanka.

Pics made by superphotographer Monika you can see HIER!!!

12th December 2009: Garp's first love

Garp and Mafia

Nature surprised us again, but in a good way. We received message on Monday that Garp's first bride would have to come in following days.
It was big love. But I suspect todays's teenagers think primarily of sex and others happens then, maybe. Maisha didn't have time to explore anything, but she enjoyed it. And then was playing and kissing :o)
Garp's enjoyed his first love from Thursday to Saturday, everything was OK, couldn't be better. We cross fingers and hope we will bring wonderful news next month!!!

Super pics from this "meeting" by Monika you can see HIER!!!

In case of interrest about puppies, contact please owner of Maisha Monwiere: ( / ): or us :o)

Supersuccessful show weekend!!!

Garp - V1 Wels 5.12. CACIB NitraGarp - V1 CAC CACIB BOB res. BIG Nitra
champion class: Exc1 CAC CACIB BOB res. BIG!!!

Garp - V1 Wels 5.12. Pedigree cupGarp - V1 CAC CACIB BOB res. BIG Nitra
chosen among 3 best champions of FCI Group 6

Garp - V2 res.CAC Bánská Bystrica 6.12. CACIB NitraGarp - V1 CAC Bánská Bystrica
champion class: Exc1 CAC CACIB BOB!!!

Fulfiled the conditions for Slovakian Grand Champion!!!

Garp BOB
Thanks for pic to Milada Krchňavá.

This hard weekend finished with great Garp's success who had taken part in two international shows and Pedigree Cup.
36 RR were entered to both shows, Garp was in the champion class, won it, became the best dog and both days best of breed. First day gained res. BIG and was chosen from 18 champions FCI group 6 among best 3 in The Pedigree Cup.
Thanks to all our friends we had been spent time with in the last months for improving condition and mood. This is our "training" for shows.
Thanks to these victories Garp fulfiled the conditions for Slovakian Grand Champion, we didn't plane it and maybe this was the reason why Garp did it.

1st December 2009: Last coursing this year?

Garp, Spice and Kerry

Maybe it was last coursing this year. Maybe not :o) You can see pics by Lída from bs Royal Stuart HIER!!!

Pics by Káťa from bs Manwë are HIER!!!

Garp, Spice and Kerry

And pics by Wami you can see HIER!!!

flying Garp

25th November 2009: Ridgeback's outdoor games

Garp and friends

You can see how can ridgebacks play together HIER!!!


The content is not intended for persons under the age of 18 and dogs under 2 years old.

If you wanna look at the comics, click on image.

Garp's comics

15th November 2009: Walk in Silherovice's woods

Garp and friends

Another perfect walk with our friends and thanks to Monika also many great pics of our dogs.
Look at Monicas's pics HIER!!!

7th November 2009: Another success of our SuperDaddy!!!

Garp's sooo skilful Daddy Kali gained another work title, this time SvCH = Swedish Fieldtracking Champion. Congratulation!!!

Kali - Sweedish Fieldtracking Champion
Kali (on the left) with his mate Poma :o)

3th November 2009: Puppies will be during spring

You can plan whatever, but there are still many things life brings you unexpectedly. Maisha's pack was affected by sad event so puppies will be during spring. We are ready and Garp is looking forward to his first bride :o)

12th October 2009: Update

There is new link in the main menu Offspring :o) You can find planned or done matings there and everything about Garp's offspring.

10th October 2009: World Dog Show Bratislava

Garp had been already entered to this show since February, 'cause maybe never will be such a show nearer to us. And we were also part of the pack BS Helya Ridge, which had taken part in the competition of the Best Breeder's Group.
Garp was in the open class with other 29 ridgebacks, was marked excellent and got nice report from the judge Hans Müller, president of FCI. BOB and res. CACIB were from this class.
The show was difficult and long, but we had been entertined by Garp's 3 weird sisters, who had been cheering for us, making pics, buying tidbits and commemorative medal :o)
Pics from Bratislava = click on pic!!!

Garp - WDS Bratislava 2009

5th October 2009: Planned mating

We are introducing you first Garp's bride. Her name is Maisha Monwiere aka Mafia :o)
Mating is planned in the end of October or in November, so puppies could be born for Christmas or for the New Year. Let it be a surprise :o)
More info in next days, in the meantime look at Maisha's pages hier!!!

Maisha Monwiere

5th October 2009: Walk nearby Ostrava


After Friday city night party we went with girls from Ostrava to Klimkovice. 6 hours outdoor was great for me, 'cause evening match against Litvínov was hard again.
Another wonderful pics made by Monika you can find hier.
P.S.: no breaks on Friday girls...

4.10. 2009: Lure coursing in Radkova Lhota

Garp a Aerin - synchronized jump

And after Sunday's match we went to Radkova Lhota with our loving friend Aerin and Hanka where lure coursing training had been held, organized by Český pes. There was 2 hurdles in the second round and Garp and Aerin jumped synchronized over them :o)
This pic and more other in the gallery of Evík.

4.10. 2009: 1st Rhodesian Ridgeback Racing Mastership ARH Marchegg

Garp - Marchegg

Girls persuade me to go to this race. So I went. Garp had not any expiriences with racing circuit, straights are boring for him so I had known how it finished.
We finished last but one. Nevermind, it was great day with our friends and wonderful picnic. Girls went next day in return to my floorball match where we defeated our competitor 21:7!!! :o)))
Pics from this race by Monica you can see here. Garp is also star of this race thanks to Elisabeth Hammerschmidt. Look here!!!

Sheeva, Garp a Greg on pic=enlarge...

20th September 2009: Another sunny trip :o)

Garp na Raduni

This time Garp, Greg, Šíva and Aerin made a trip from Hlubočec to Raduň where the sprint - coursing had been done. The lure was the staunchest - masters. We had also a luch and met Bubamara with Dadan :o)
Pics by Monika are hier!!!

Garp, Sheeva, Greg a Aerin    Hanka a Garp on pic = enlarge...

15th September 2009: Pack on the walk

Garp Darkovičky

We used one of the last sunny and hot day for walk. Members were Garp, Greg, Šíva and Aerin. Nice weather = nice pics. You can see'em hier!!!

5th - 6th September 2009: Club shows ČKRR

Garp - V1 Wels 5th September IX. Special show ČKRRGarp - V1 CACIB Bratislava
winners class: Exc2 res. CAC

Garp - V2 res.CAC Bánská Bystrica 6th September IV. Club show ČKRRGarp - V1 CAC Bánská Bystrica
winners class: Exc


Another big success of Garp in club shows. Both days gained excellent, nice reports and first day was placed 2nd with res. CAC thanks especially to his wonderful movement!!!
Thanks for pics to Spice - Zippy's :o)

Garp - ČKRR 2009    Garp - ČKRR 2009    Garp - ČKRR 2009 on pic = enlarge...

20th - 22nd August 2009: Austrian trip

Garp - V1 Wels 21st August CACIB WelsGarp - V1 CACIB Bratislava
open class: Exc2 res. CACA

Garp - V2 res.CAC Bánská Bystrica 22nd August Middle East Europian Winner WelsGarp - V1 CAC Bánská Bystrica
open class: Exc3


More info soon...
Thanks to Kijani,Wendy and Micha for pics!!! It was nice to meet you :o)

Garp - Wels 2009      Garp - Wels 2009      Garp - Wels 2009 on pic = enlarge...

16th August 2009

Garp - V4 CACIB BratislavaGarp - V4
champion class: Exc4

We went to this show after 2 month break without any training (we hadn't been training for the show never ever :o)) and Garp was great again. We received excellent judgement and placed 4th. So it was good training for the next hard week.

Judgement: adult dog, male expression, dark eye, correct topline, excellent chest, correct front and rear angulations, excellent presentation.

11th August 2009: Pics from The High Tatras

You can see some pics from The High Tatras made by me just hier!!!

I also added link to the photogallery of our friend Šíva.

10th August 2009: Ridgies in The High Tatras

Garp ve Vysokých Tatrách

This 3 days long trip was absolutely splendid, wonderful relax, great weather, even we'd done something for our condition and dogs had been changed into chamoises.
It was true to be the only man anong 3 girls was quite a risk, but I didn't think about it. I have to say all 3 cats were really very kind and cool :o) Special thanks to Hanka who was excellent front passenger and navigator, who after short schooling had been turning off in the right time automatical autopilot.
Our base was in the village called Štrba, where we lived in the small house with little garden next to the bakery and nearby meadows and hillsides, where our ridgies could run and jump. Evening we planed our first mountain trip.
Trip no. 1: We moved by cars to the start place - Štrbské pleso (1346 m), bought the map and Hania - girl from the mountain with pedagogic talent was our guide :o)
After short swimming break of Aerin in the mountain lake we were going to The Chata pod Soliskom (1840 m). Track was fine, dogs could be free, nice views, all was perfect. We had break there, had a lunch and went to next destination - Predné Solisko (2093 m).

Chata pod Soliskom

But this were stone stairs to heaven dangerous for our dogs, so under the top we turned and went back via Furkotská dolina to Štrbské pleso.
We ended our trip in the restaurant, had a tasty dinner, bought sausages and beers for the evening barbecue.
Trip no. 2: Day no. 3 began with small celebration of the birthday of our youngest member of the pack, Aerin, who was already one year old!!! Then we went again to Štrbské pleso, this time through Mengusovská dolina to Popradské pleso (1500 m). Made some pics and had a luch too :o)

RR - Vysoké Tatry
From left: Garp, Aerin, Šíva, Gregory

Next goal of our track was Veľké Hincovo pleso (1944,8 m), the largest and the deepest lake in Slovakia (area: 20,08 ha, depth: 53,7 m). Unfortunately we ended again under the top because lack of time and ridgebacks aren't mountain goats. We made some pics and returned to Štrbské pleso.
Our trip was in the end, so we had to go home to Ostrava. We had really great time!!!
Pics by Monika hier!!!

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