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7.1. 2011 CAC Olomouc (CZ) - winners class

18th December 2010: Holidays!!!

Saturday's trip

Holidays has started and we would like to use all days, 'cause we had no free in job except 4 days in July. I have more free time now and can do duties I promised. First was a T-shirt for the member of our GANG, Hanka. Pink Aerin with glitters :-D

Aerin - triko

Very sad news is there will be no planned puppies with Amali for beginning of year 2011. You can read more hier.

Garp - V2 27th November 2010: CACIB Budapest Garp - V2
champion class: Exc2 res. CAC
Garp - V2 28th Budapest 2010: CACIB Budapest Garp - V2
champion class: Exc2 res. CAC

Garp - Budapest

It was really great time with Hanka, Monika and Aerin. We went to Budapest already on Friday and Aerin have been in heat. Nevermind she and Garp like each other, but only like a sister and brother :-)
We met new people and visited X-mas fairs, where were our dogs in jackets attraction in attraction mostly for children. Shows were low level, limping dog beat us and judge on Sunday was absolutely horrible and ridgebacks were piece of s..t for him. Nevermind. We bought hungarian specialities in TESCO and were happy :-)

Garp - Budapest

6th November 2010:Hubert's ride and coursing performance

Garp - Newport Ranch
photo: Monika

We had tried the reel and grassfield at Newport Ranch on Friday, where then on Saturday The Hubert's Ride took place. A part of the programm was coursing performance by greyhounds, whippets and also ridgebacks. I was there with Garp on Friday, on Saturday Monika J. carried about him :-)

Pics by Monika O. HIER!!!

Garp - Newport Ranch
photo: Monika

26th October 2010: 4th Club Race by MSC

Garp Česká Ves
photo by: Monika

Another coursing race, this time by MSC. It was not good run by Garp in the 1st round. On the other hand 2nd round was the season best I think. Full of enthusiasm, power and kill in the finish :-) Result was 5th place.

It was great day with our friends. Thanks ;)

Pics by Monika HIER!!! and look also on pics by Pes Jíra!!!

21st September 2010: Coursing in Blava

Gang in Blava
photo: Monika

Wonderful weather, wonderful place, good organization, but we weren't satisfied with the course in both rounds.

Congrats to our successful friends. Garp will have to move quickley even if other dog cut his course and wait for the tassel and Garp will have to bite the tassel even if he finishes 2nd.

Pics by Monika HIER!!!

1st Garp's round (red T-shirt) HIER!!!

2nd Garp's round (red T-shirt) HIER!!!

12th September 2010: ZZO exam - basic obedience

We did this basic exam without any training and the result with 51 points is "pass excellent" :-)

11th September 2010: Pics from Krakow

Garp - Krakow show
photo: Blond Paw :o)

Few pics from the club show by Hanka's unbreakable camera. You can see there what is Garp thinking about it. There is also pic of Garp's livernose daughter Aurora there :o)
Pics are HIER!!!

Garp - V2 4. 10. 2010: 3rd Club Show RR - Krakow Garp - V2
champion class: Exc2 / 13 entered!!!

We took part in the club show of polish RR club, because dogs were judged by Mrs. Orit Nevo, breed specialist. And because Garp's love Maisha was there.

But Maisha was one week after heat so the only thing Garp was interesting in was SHE :o) It was really "fun" to show himself, because he changed into true teenager. Nevermind, judge liked Garp very much and placed him 2nd. You can't gain Res. CAC in Poland, so are result was Exc. 2. We met also Garp's daughter Aurora there and her Mother Maisha became Club Show Winner!!!

Pics will be later, in the mean time you can see photo from Quescha catalogue "We are going to the sea" :o)

Garp inside the quechua
Garp in the Quecha base :o) click on pic = enlarge

Garp - 7th place 28th August 2010: Saranga sprint Garp - 7th place
adult class: 7th place / 23 entered

Garp and Gregory
Garp on the left and winner Greg with Monika on the right

Saranga sprint is a classic race showing how fast is your dog. This time Garp ran very very good, straight to the finish and was placed 7th in a big competition. Our mate, Gregory, won again and became the best dog. Congrats to Monika, it is unbelievable !!!

On the end Garp showed something from his breakdancing skills :-)

Garp's dancing
foto: Monika Sheevánková :o)

Garp - 7. místo 15. 8. 2010: Brno hare Garp - 7. místo
RR with pedigree: 3rd place

There are no trainings so if we want to do lure coursing we have to take part directly in the competition :-) This was only one round race because of bad weather and Garp finished 3rd, two points behind the winner - our mate Gregory. Congrats to Monika and thanks for nice day :-)

3rd August 2010: Garp's movement last weekend :o)

Garp movement
foto: Monika Sheevánková :o)

31st July 2010: Updates :o)

Garp 2nd place
photo: Monika Sheevánková :o)

Because of a lot lot lot of work I do not have got any time and energy for updates :-(

Photo was made in Radslavice where we took part in the lure coursing race. Garp was enetered in the pro class and placed 2nd. We haven't been training coursing too much this year, because lack of time and there were held only few trainings near our city. More pics from the race HIER!!!

Garp has been feeding by BARF almost for one year so I decided to do complete blood tests and also test for thyroid. He is healthy and everything is OK. It is not surprise for me :o) BARF is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. It’s about feeding pets responsibly and properly to maximize health, longevity and reduce contingent visits at vet. BARF is based on human grade whole foods including raw meat, bones, offal and other healthy ingredients such as fruit and vegetables and many other. AND DOGS INCLUDING GARP LOVE IT!!! More info about BARF you can find at our friends HIER!!!

I updated also our plans of dog shows. We are going to Poland to the club show, where Garp, I hope, meets his first love, Maisha. Then we will be in Komarom where we try to succeed. We will meet our family in Slovakia and we are lookig forward to it :o)

Finally we are sending many greetings to all our friends. To intriguantes we would like to say: "If you have nothing to do, cross out some puzzles or fiddle-faddle on facebook" :o)

5th July 2010: Short holidays in Denmark

Garp in Henne Strand

We have planned our holidays in Denmark almost for one year. It looked better than holidays in south Europe. We wanted to visit Kali, take part in The Special Show RR, see Hamlet's castle, know this country and so. We wanted to be for 14 days there. But we had been glad we were able to go at least for 6 days. Including the journey :-) Nevermind, we had wonderful weather, many experiences and.. Go to Denmark!!!

Photogallery from seaport town Kolding, where we spent 2 evenings is HIER!!!
Photogallery from The Special RR Show in small town in Sunds, where we gained excellent in the open class, is HIER!!!
Photogallery of the beautiful beach Henne Strand, where we spent next days, is HIER!!!
Photogallery from another town Blavand is HIER!!!
Photogallery from the oldest town in Denmark Ribe is HIER!!!
And photogallery from the little island Mando, connected with the land by narrow road that is sometimes afloat, is HIER!!!

We had really great time, not all our plans were realized, but it doesn't matter. Thanks to Hanka, Aerin, Monika and Greg for nice days :-)

6th June 2010: First summer day


Summer had began this weekend so we went with our dogs to the lake :-)

Cats   Garp's swimming

click on pic = enlarge

21st May 2010: Marondera Amali - Garp's bride

Marondera Amali

We have the honour to introduce 2nd Garp's bride, lovely Amali, that was born in Marondera kennel.
Mating is planned in winter 2010. More info you can see in the fold "Offspring" or visit Amali's home Mbwa Mema of Silvermountain kennel :-)

Marondera Amali   Marondera Amali

click on pic = enlarge

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