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15th December 2013: Winter

The year 2013 is almost over. Winter is here and it is time to rellax :-)

Martia and Garp

29th Jun 2013: Léto

Summer is finaly here. We go for walks, on trips, visit castles, zoo etc.

Garp panorama



ZOO Lesna

23rd February 2013: February

February is almost at the end. Garp is six years old. It's cold. Who knows the Sun is. We spent last weekends with our friends. And we were also in Brno supported Lili in the dog show. And that's all :-)

Garp, Greg, Lily

::: Ostrava :::

whole pack

Hanka and Aerin at MVP Brno 2013

Couple another pics HIER!!!

6th January 2013: Winter

We wish all our friends happy new year 2013!!!

Garp, Greg, Lily, Aerin, Sheeva
foto: Monika; zleva: Garp, Greg, Lily, Aerin a Sheeva
snowy Becva

snowy Becva


20th October 2012: Autumn

We don't just sit around all day, we get out and do stuff! The last time we went to the river to fly the kite. It was wonderful!


Me and Garp

the kite

And here is some music and culture:
Cocorosie - Fairy Paradise

Garp - 2nd place 16th September 2012: Saranga sprint Garp - 2nd place
category adult - dog: 2nd place!!!

We took part in clasic sprint race organized by breeding station Saranga.
The Race consisted of two 200 m long run, first on the sand, second on the grass. Garp ran fast and primarily straight to the finish in both rounds. The result was unexpected 2nd place!!!

Our friends was also successful, Aerin 3rd in adult bitches and Gregory 5th.

More pics HERE!!!

Garp - 2nd place Saranga sprint 2012

Aerin, Lily, Garp a Gregory

Garp    Garp and Monika    Garp
:::: click on pic = enlarge ::::

pics of running Garp: Ivana Tichá

Garp - Exc1 CAC 18th August 2012: CACIB Bratislava Garp - Exc1 CAC
champion class: Exc1 CAC res.CACIB!!!

After long time again in the ring with the wonderful success.

Art Leonardo Helya Ridge = Garp

Art Leonardo Helya Ridge = Garp

11th August 2012: New rusty friend

Hanka and Aerin has new member of the pack. So we didn't hesitate and met her last weekend :-)

Garp and Lily

Hanka and Lily

8th July 2012: Meeting with the goat

We bought a goat as a birthday present last weekend. So I introduced it to Garp:-)


Garp and goat

Garp and goat

13th May 2012: Garps

We met last weekend with Helena, Jiri, Fabien, Allegra, Bastet and Tara. Bastet and Tara are daughters of Garp and Allegra, so it was family picknic. Children are beautiful and Tara looks like Garp.

More pics you can see HIER!!!


Bitara Rusty Magic
Bitara Rusty Magic

13th May 2012: The spring in HB

The spring is here. We spend time mostly outside, going to events and have nice evenings.

Martina and Garp               Flowers

Garp      Museum Roznov      Evening in Becva
:::: click on pic = enlarge ::::

3rd March 2012: When the sun is shining and trip with friends

There is still winter outside, but spring is coming. Combination of both is the best for photographer :-)

All pics you can see HERE!!!

Martina and Garp



We made a trip with our rusty friends Aerin and Greg after a long time. The weather wasn't good this time. Nevermind :-)

You can see pics HERE!!!

Greg, Aerin and Garp

3rd March 2012: GARP IS 5 YEARS OLD!!!

Garp is 5 years old. It is not so long time when Garp enetered into our house. We spent very nice and happy time, but also some troubles. Many times we succeeded, many times we failed. The decision to take Garp to our house on Friday 13th April 2007 was the best I have ever made.


photo by: Monika Ondrušová, Jana Helešicová, Mirek Holenka, Pes Jíra

4th February 2012: Visit to Airin no.2

We went to visit Garp's puppies last week again to Africa Johari. They were only 5, 'cause 2 puppies had been already in their new homes. They were beautiful and even if there were freezing outside they could go out.

You can see pics HERE!!!

Štěňata Africa Johari

Garp has some gastric flu. Othewise he is OK and we have been enjoying some weekends at our "Winter house" where the winter is underway:o)

Zima na HáBéčku

5th January 2012: Visit to Airin

We went during X-mas time to Africa Johari to visit puppies of Garp. They were beautiful, happy and had full service :o)

You can see pics HERE!!!

Airin with puppies

11th December 2011: Puppies

We recieved better news from Airin. 1st December 2011 were born puppies. More news coming soon.

Airin and puppies

2nd December 2011: Andy

We lost our big friend last week. We miss you very much Andy.

Andy z HáBéčka

This song is dedicated to YOU...

27th November 2011: They're coming...

Airin of Shingamonga

We are looking forward to puppies. More you can see at pages of Airin.

6th November 2011: Airin of Shingamonga

Airin of Shingamonga

I do not have enough time to update, but last news are awesome :o) Meeting of Garp and beautiful Airin in September happend perfect and hope we will see results in December :o)

More about litter you can see HIER or look at Airin pages!!!

17th September 2011: Puppies in Helya Ridge

In Helya Ridge made beautiful pictures of Juju - Garp puppies. More you can see HIER!!!.

In Hoc Signo Helya Ridge
::: In Hoc Signo Helya Ridge :::

In Natura Decora Helya Ridge
::: In Natura Decora Helya Ridge :::

10th-11th September 2011: The Club Show CKRR

There was very hot weather this year at The Club Show. And we could met Garp's puppies made by Rusty Magic.

Garp, Allegra and Brownie RM
::: Garp, Allegra and Brownie Rusty Magic :::

All Garp's children were very nice and kind. They were placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th in big competition.
Even if Garp had done the best, results weren't so good. Nevermind. Maybe it was our last appearance in bizzare show dog world. Maybe not. Who knows :-)

Garp in the ring
::: Garp :::

We had great time there, enjoyed it as we was able to and made nice pics you can see HIER!!!.

::: Aerin :::

21st August 2011: The puppies and The Old Time Fair

The Juju-Garp puppies are growing well. They are so cute and nice... like their parents :-) Follow news at pages of Helya Ridge Kennel.

Juju - Garp puppies
::: Juju - Garp puppies :::

We visited also The Old Time Fair in Roznov last weekend. There were very good meal, drinks and fun there.

The Old Time Fair
::: The Old Time Fair :::

Dulcimer player         Woodcarver

Woodcarver         The Carousel

Water goblin         Martina

The Chapel         Martina

6th August 2011: Holidays in Austria and puppies

We were on holidays in Austria in the region of Salzkammergut.

!!! Click on pick = enlarge !!!

View on The Halstatt See
::: View on The Halstatt See :::

Our base in the first part of Holidays was Obertraun, small village at The Halstatt See lake among giant mountains. We had been doing trips and hikes from this village.
First it was The Salt mines in Halstatt.We weren't inside, because it was the only tourist attraction where dogs were prohibited, but we made good walk up to the top :-)

Martina and Garp   Martina and Garp
::: Martina and Garp in Halstatt :::

Second trip it was visit of Eishöhle, Mammuthöhle a 5 fingers, that ar tourist attraction in Dachstein near Obertraun. We went also by cable car and because weather was very hot also in altitude 2000 m Garp had been taking rest in every moment as soon as it was possible.

Dachstein         Martina at 5 fingers

Eishöhle         Butterfly
::: View from the top, Martina at 5 fingers, Eishöhle :::

Third trip was journey to St. Wolfgang to railway station. Then we went by train up to the top of Schafberg. The Schafbergbahn is the steepest cog wheel railway in Austria.

Schafbergbahn         View from the top of Schafbergu
::: Schafbergbahn, View from the top of Schafbergu :::

Next day we moved to Piesendorf, small village near Kaprun, to the perfect guesthouse Klawun with excellent home cooking. First we visited the mountain pass Sigmund-Thun Klamm with waterfalls and The Klamm See lake.

Me and Garp   The mountain pass Sigmund-Thun Klamm
::: Me and Garp and the mountain pass Sigmund-Thun Klamm :::

Next goal of our holidays was The Wildpark Ferleiten, the zoo at the road from Kaprun to Grossglockner, the highest mountain of Austria. There are only animals living in surrounding in The Wildpark and when you walk among deers and roe deeers you don't feel like in the zoo.

The Wildpark Ferleiten         Me and Garp
::: The Wildpark Ferleiten :::

The hardest trip was planned at the last day. We drive to The Haus Kesselfall, alttitude 1060 m. The hike was 3 km long with elevation 700 m. Our goal was hydraulic structure The Mooserboden with power stations "Tauernkraftwerke Glockner-Kaprun". It was very strenuous trip because of very hot weather and big hill :-D

Wasserfalboden         Martina - Wasserfalboden
::: View from the dam Wasserfalboden :::

As you can see on the pic Garp is happy. He took also part in coursing last week and was placed 4th.

::: Garp :::

Last news: Juju Helya Ridge have beautiful puppies, more info coming soon :-)

::: Juju - Garp's puppies :::

One more news: Bea ob Erlen will not have puppies. Sometimes it happens and God knows why...

14th June 2011: 2 free puppies, Juju is pregnant and race...

29th May we took part in Run Up a Hill in Radimer organized by rr-sport. Garp was placed 5th from 8 dogs in his category.

Garp - sprint up a hill

photo by: Katka Novotná

We went to Rusty Magic after race. There are 2 puppies still available. Brownie, sweatheart of everybody, and Baxter, my favourite, because he is the copy of Garp :o) Both are beautiful and gorgeous!!!

Brownie Rusty Magic      Baxter Rusty Magic
Brownie                                                  Baxter

Last news: Juju Helya Ridge was on ultrasoundu and SHE IS PREGNANT!!!

25. 5. 2011: We have many news

On Friday 20th and Sunday 22th May came to Garp Babe Jujube Helya Ridge. All was done as should be and it was long and long... :-)

Today Garp mated bitch from Germany Bea ob Erlen. Hope we can looking forward for small ridgies :-)

Babe Jujube Helya Ridge      Bea ob Erlen
Babe Jujube Helya Ridge       and                     Bea ob Erlen

There are still free puppies at Rusty Magic. They are beautiful, don't hesitate and go to look at them!!! Stack pics of puppies you can see HIER!!!

Garp's puppies

photo: Petra Marečková

18th May 2011: Babe Jujube Helya Ridge

Babe Jujube Helya Ridge
photo: Jana Helešicová

We introduce another Garp's bride Babe Jujube Helya Ridge. She was born also in Helya Ridge kennel like Garp and stayed there. More news coming soon!!!

Jana Helešicová made beautiful pictures of Garp on last Friday. Thanks. You can see two of them now.


Garp foto: Jana Helešicová

We visited also puppies in Rusty Magic kennel last Friday. They are gorgeous and two livernose brothers are still free!!!

foto: Helena

10th May 2011: Trip to Žimrovice and the puppies

Greg, Sheeva and Garp
photo by: Monika

We made a trip to Žimrovice with our friends on Sunday. Weather was great, nature too and you can see it all because of our great photographer Monika HIER!!!

photo by: Monika

Small puppies in Rusty Magic are growing and we are going to check'em on Friday :-)

photo by: Helena

28th April 2011: What are we doing?

photo by: Helena

We visited Garp's puppies last Sunday and they were wonderful :-) Thanks to Helena and Jiří for nice afternoon, we will come again ;) Pics you can see HIER. Portraits of puppies are HIER!!!

Marťa and Garp

And we have been spending our time especially with our sweathearts :-)

Garp and Andy

15th April 2011: We are 2 weeks old :o)

photo by: Helena

Puppies are doing very well, trying first steps and their eyes are opened :-) Actual pics are HIER and follow also FACEBOOK!!!

7th April 2011: Pics of puppies :o)

livernose puppy
pics: Helena

First pics of puppies you can see HIER!!!

6th April 2011: Sunday trip

foto: Monika

While Alli was giving birth to puppies, we were on a trip with friends. We visited Pustevny, Radhošť and enjoyed beautiful spring day :o)

Garp with friends       Garp       Garp with friends
... click on pic = enlarge ...

More pics by Monika HIER!!!

4th April 2011: Here they are :o)

foto: Helena

Alli - Garp puppies were born on Sunday :o) They are 10 together, 6 boys and 4 girls. 2 boys are livernose. More info later.

28th March 2011: It's coming up :o)

Alli - 57th day
photo: Helena

23rd March 2011: Walk with friends

We were on walk with our friends Sheeva and Greg yesterday. It was great weather and our dogs were happy and enjoyed it!!!
Pics HIER!!!

Greg joke
photo: Monika

We are counting the days to birth small Garps and Allies. We are very courious and hope everything will be OK!!!

Gregův vtip
photo: Helena

Garp - V1 CAC 18th March 2011: CACIB Katowice Garp - V1 CAC
champion class: Exc1 CAC CACIB!!!

Garp gained another CACIB and fullfiled conditions for INTERCHAMPION!!!
That's not all, we have got a surprise for you. Follow us :o)

22nd February 2011: Allegra is pregnant!!!

Ultrasound of Allegra
foto: Helena

We have great news that Alli is pregnant!!! They could see 8 puppies. We have to wait for April :-)

22nd February 2011: Bea ob Erlen

Bea ob Erlen
foto: Andrea Lehmann

We would like to introduce next Garp's bride Bea ob Erlen. The owner Andrea Lehmann with Bea and his Mother Lara visited us in Ostrava 2 weeks ago. They took so long journey to know us better. It was short, but very nice visit. Hope we can looking forward to Garp's puppies in Germany in the end of the year.
More about Bea you can see HIER or you can look at her pages

13th February 2011: Garp is 4 years old!!!

photo: Monika

Garp is 4 years old today. He celebrated his birthday with his friends in Hyncice pod Susinou where coursing had been held. You can see pics by Monika O. HIER!!!

Pics of sprint training in Ostrava from last weekend are HIER!!!

31st January 2011: Garp and Allegra

Garp and Allegra
photo: Helena Urbánková

Garp had super visit today, beautiful livernose bride Allegra Rusty Magic. All was done as it should be, even if dogs made a decision outside was too cold and home was better place :o).
We cross fingers and hope we will have good news next month!!! More about Allegra you can see HIER or look at her pages Allegra Rusty Magic.
I expect not only nice livernoses with nice character, but also promising dogs for shows, sport and work.

16.1.2011: Cena zimnej královnej - coursing race

hunting Garp

We took part in first coursing race this year and had really great time with our friends.
Bitches were better than dogs again and we could only applaud to the 3rd Aerin and to winner Sheeva.

Sheeva is killing and garp is braking

At the end our ridgebacks showed hunting in the pack of 6 dogs!!! Namely: Garp, Gregory, Zippy, Spice, Aerin and Sheeva. It was spectacular to see these dogs hunting without collars, jerseys and muzzles. These things our dogs don't need!!!

hunting ridgeback pack

More pics by David Novosád you can see HIER and pics by Monika HIER!!!

13th January 2011: Saturday's walk in Radun

jumping Garp

After a long time we went for walk with our friends from GANG teamm = Garp, SheevA, AeriN a Gregory. We had great time and visited also nice pub for a lunch there.
Garp was happy and did various tricks for tidbits :-)
Pics made by Monika you can see HIER!!!

Garp - Exc1 CAC 7th January 2011: CAC Olomouc Garp - Exc1 CAC
winners class: Exc1 CAC

Garp appeared after a year in his mother land, won and became CZECH GRAND CHAMPION :o)

Garp - Olomouc 2011
photo: Katka and Škubánek

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